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Efficient wildfire detection, monitoring & control system


Wildfires are hard to detect. Traditional methods such as watchtowers do not make it possible to monitor an area continuously.

Wildfire detection accuracy is low - to reach acceptable accuracy, a fire must be observed from at least two towers simultaneously.


In recent years, forest wildfires have spread dramatically with increasing frequency in all regions around the world.

According to the Canadian Government, during 2018 there were more than 7,000 forest fires that burned down 2.3 million ha of forest.


Smoke detection by video surveillance cameras:

  • Fast information exchange and rapid reaction.
  • Cameras fully scan the surveillance area once every 10 minutes.
  • The system registers dangerous events and sends an alert to the system operator.
  • Unique fire location calculation algorithm.

How it helps? 

AmpliCam WildFire Guardian is an integrated solution, combining video surveillance system, server platform system and specialized software, geographic information system (GIS), security tools and data transmission channels into a single solution.

Key functionalities

  • automated fire detection at an early stage
  • link of camera view with information on interactive map
  • fire location (coordinates, azimuth) and fire area
  • automatic fire alarm
  • keeping a fire ticket, where tasks are formulated and monitored
  • control over fire-fighting resources & equipment
  • reporting

WildFire Guardian project is aimed to save considerable money and to prevent forests from destruction by fire 

How it works?

This system involves interaction and integrates data flow among many parties. Please read more on Products page.

 Technical description

WildFire Guardian is the unique cross-platform video surveillance and remote monitoring system allowing to handle unlimited number of cameras simultaneously.

Technical characteristics

Viewing range of one camera Up to 35 km
Guaranteed visibility of one camera Up to 18 km
Recommended personnel 1 dispatcher for every 35 cameras
Detection accuracy of fire/smoke (from one camera) Less than 250 m

Recommended cameras AXIS optical Q6055-E / Q6155-E or higher bispectral Q8742-E
GIS service GeoServer plus QGIS
Client workstation platforms PC, Notebook, Netbook, Nettop, Tablet, Smartphone
Supported OS for client workstations MS Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, other open source systems
Vertical integration of regionally-distributed systems. Optionally, building of united information and situation awareness centre, including management of forces and fire-fighting equipment