Amplicam Wildfire Guardian

Product description

WildFire Early Warning, Detection and Location System. Based on commercially available video surveillance cameras, with embedded high accuracy smoke detection algorithm, the system automatically detects forest wildfire at early stages. Additional functionalities of interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) and Resource Management are supported by the system. Integration with other external systems is possible. 

Use case example

During high fire alert period, forest wildfire emerges. It is crucial to detect ire at an early (smoke) stage. With assistance of AmliCam software, institutions responsible for wildfire discovery and monitoring, can discover fire at an early stage, locate it on digital map, and manage fire fighting forces and resources in efficient way. The result is improved detection and location accuracy with less monitoring personnel involved. 

How it works

 Connections, Data Flow

AmpliCam Wildfire Guardian is wildfire detection and monitoring software. The software is distributed over edge devices and a central server farm. The edge devices are video surveillance cameras with video content analytics software that is able to detect early start of fire based on recognition of a smoke cloud.

Data Processing – Edge Devices

 The captured video is analysed by video surveillance camera processor. In case of a suspicious phenomenon, already processed data are sent to the central system in the form of vector graphics. This allows highly efficient use of communication channels. The central processing power can achieve very high scalability of the system with virtually no limitation on the number of edge devices.

Data Processing – Central Software

 Software that runs on the central server or cluster of servers is responsible for collection and processing data from the edge devices. The central software calculates and plots data on the map, calculates routes, provides support for resource management, handles all end user and administrative requests, as well as, storage of data.

Cameras – Monitoring & Control

From practical point of view, one operator can control up to 35 cameras. The system allows display of up to 100 cameras on the video wall controlled from one work station. All cameras can be viewed online allowing immediate reactions on any alarms.

Support in Resource Management

Along with connection to camera video streams, the system displays camera coverage on the map. In case of fire alarm, area and coordinates of the fire are calculated and displayed on the map. This allows allocation and management of the closest resources. Also, the system calculates closest route of specific fire-fighting brigade to the place of fire and provides navigation information that can be pushed down.

Specialized Maps

System includes fully featured, layered maps, where additional information can be stored for each object. Client specific maps can also be integrated.